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As a busy practitioner, you read a lot of X-rays. You’ve put in the time, schooling, and practice to become really good at it! However, some of your patients might not always appreciate the value of your experience. They themselves don’t understand how to read the image the way you do. And let’s be honest, many of them have trained themselves to trust a computer search for their medical diagnosis when something is wrong.

Dentrix Detect AI, powered and manufactured by VideaHealth, works with Dentrix Smart Image to inspect every bitewing X-ray right and offer a second opinion instantly! As you view images in Dentrix Smart Image, the artificial intelligence will analyze, detect, and annotate potential areas of concern to augment your own professional expertise. It can inspire patient confidence, provide educational value, and increase case acceptance of proposed treatment options.

How it works:

  1. In the Patient Chart, click a bitewing X-ray to view the image using the Dentrix Smart Image viewer.
  2. Dentrix Smart Image quickly uploads non-identifiable image data to VideaHealth for analysis. The image is compared to a database containing millions of other images A few seconds later annotations appear on the image to identify areas of concern.

It’s really that simple! Just view the image using Dentrix Smart Image, and Dentrix Detect AI will annotate the image to point out potential caries. Then you can use those results to help you educate, diagnose, and treatment plan solutions with your patients.

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