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The summer months are the perfect time to take advantage of the additional time your school-age and college-age patients have to schedule appointments. Without having to worry about scheduling around school hours, you can get those patients in for their regular hygiene visits and their outstanding treatment-planned procedures.

In her recent For Office Managers column in Dentrix Magazine, Charlotte Skaggs shares ideas on how you can you use the Patient Report (by Filters) to find specific groups of patients you can contact to help fill holes in your summertime schedule.

One idea is to use a combination of the Birthday filter to find all patients between the ages of five to eighteen, and the Continuing Care filter to find those patients currently due or overdue for a prophy.

Once you generate the list of matching results, you can use the List Manager as a starting point to begin contacting and scheduling those patients for appointments.

Read the full article, titled, Filling Holes in Your Summertime Schedule for more details and other ideas of how to use the Patient Report by Filters to find patients you can schedule for appointments without the worry of them having to miss school.