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Here at the Dentrix Blog, it’s been an ongoing tradition that the last two weeks of the year we do a recap of our most popular posts of the year.

This year is no different!  Last week we shared our #20 to #11 top read posts of the year, and this week we’re sharing our top 10.

Maybe there’s a tip or two you may have missed somewhere along the way!

#10 – Did the Doctor Sign All of Today’s Clinical Notes?

#9 – How to Add Patient Portal Links to Your Website

#8 – Remove Obstacles to Payment Collection with Request to Pay

#7 – Adding a New Staff Member to Dentrix

#6 – A New Feature is Making Dentrix Notes Easier to See

#5 – Squeeze More Space Onto the Appointment Book

#4 – Create an Appointment List that Includes Patients’ Insurance Carriers

#3 – How to Keep Your Schedule Full with the Fill Appointment Feature

#2 – Updating CDT Codes in Dentrix

#1 – Schedule Future Dentrix Updates to Install Automatically

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